Pull Tab Awareness Week Win Part 1

I'm still digging through my pile of packages, unfortunately not in order, so here's one from July 2016 or so. You can read about the reason for the season at Baseball Card Breakdown, and I won a prize by spreading the word. Let's see what I've been letting languish on my desk.

1996 Leaf Signature - Extended Autographs Tom Urbani
2001 Topps Archives #16 Enos Slaughter
2003 Bowman #207 Chris Duncan
2005 Upper Deck Classics #32 Enos Slaughter
2012 Panini Prizm #73 Yadier Molina
2013 Topps Archives #139 Matt Holliday
2015 Topps Archives #71 Matt Holliday
Based on the other images I see online, Tom Urbani didn't quite sign that card where he was supposed to. All of the other signatures are in that big blank space at the bottom. Perhaps he's to blame for the scourge of sticker autographs.

The two Hollidays were both Archives cards I didn't have. Of all the years of Archives, I only had his 2012 card before. In fact, all of these were new to my collection, and I've now doubled my count of Enos Slaughter cards.

There's even better stuff in part 2 of this package. And don't worry, this one's only a two-parter.