April Card Show Autograph

I've taken a few months off from my local-ish card show, due variously to lackluster autograph guests, or personal business to attend to. Also there have been a few shows featuring players I've already got autographed balls from. This one had two of those as well, Lou Brock and Red Schoendienst.

Whitey Herzog
But there was one signer I didn't have yet, probably the most well liked manager of the last 40 years, Whitey Herzog. There was a sizable crowd there, and I didn't buy my ticket in advance, so I had a rather high line number and had to wait quite awhile, because not only is Whitey one of the most popular baseball personalities around St. Louis, he also engaged everyone in conversation, and posed for pictures with anyone who wanted one. I consider this autograph right up there with the top stars of the 1980s Cardinals like Ozzie Smith, so I'm really happy to add it to my collection.


  1. I have gotten Whitey before, always talkative and shakes hands. I missed that show, but look forward to seeing John Tudor in June. Love the 1985 Cardinals. How did Brock look?

    1. Brock didn't start until later, and I had some other stuff to do, so I did my shopping beforehand and left right after I got my autograph and before he got there. If you're sure you're going in June, they're selling autograph tickets 25% off for the next few days if you buy them online. That's about the biggest discount I can remember them offering in the year or so I've been going to this show.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I bought quite a few gift certificates during their 30% off Christmas sale that I still need to use.