eBay Wins #104

I bought this card by itself, so I figured I'd post it by itself, rather than aggregating it together with some of the rest of the eBay wins still sitting on my desk. It cost me one whole penny.

1988 Donruss #592 Curt Wilkerson

Curt Wilkerson was part of the big trade that brought Rafael Palmeiro - and Jamie Moyer -  to Texas from Chicago. The best thing the Cubs got in that deal was Mitch Williams, who they only kept for 2 seasons.

On another note, fans who consider themselves baseball "purists" tell me there's no sacrifice bunting in the AL due to the DH. So what's going on here? He could be trying for a sneaky infield hit I suppose, but that seems like a stretch for a guy who only stole 44 bases in 5 seasons before 1988.

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Total Spent$44.40
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