eBay Wins #100

It's post #100 in a series, which means I must have a big milestone-sized post planned, right?


To be honest, it sort of sneaked up on me (fun fact: snuck isn't considered proper English), so rather than one of the larger piles of eBay winnings waiting to be posted, today you get 2 cards, purchased for a total of 1 penny.

1990 Fleer #532 Dave Gallagher
2004 Topps #270 Mike Hargrove

I actually only bid on the Mike Hargrove card. For some reason, Dave Gallagher showed up in the same sleeve. I doubt the seller had them stored like that, at least not on purpose, since the cards are so many years apart and picture different teams. Gallagher did play 15 games in his rookie season for Cleveland, but that was 2 years after Hargrove last played for them and 4 years before he managed them. He also played for the Baltimore in 1990, 10 years before Hargrove managed there. I'll never know exactly what link, if any, caused me to get both of these cards for the price of one.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2541
Total Spent$44.14
Per Card1.737 cents

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