eBay Wins #59

This time I bought a lot of 8 cards. 2 were 1987s, and 6 were 1989s, right in the prime junk wax years. No matter, surely they'll bring me some memories of baseball in my childhood.

1987 Topps
#501 Hal Lanier
#343 Craig Lefferts

1989 Topps
#267 Jeff Robinson
#279 Scott Bradley
#309 Mario Diaz
#595 Teddy Higuera
#597 Terry Taylor
#631 Dave Bergman

I don't recall any of these guys. I've stated many times I started watching baseball in 1992, so that's not completely crazy, but I feel like I have a decent knowledge of baseball history too. Of course, maybe their lack of memorability is why I picked up 8 cards for 8 cents.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2094
Total Spent$39.41
Per Card1.882 cents

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