Another SportsCardInfo Contest Win

It was just about a month ago I wrote that I won some Teenymates from Ross at SportsCardInfo, and now I've got another contest victory to gloat about. I won his second contest for Lil' Teammates. Unfortunately the Rams weren't among the options, but luckily one of my best pals is a Steelers fan, so I opted to give him some more flair for his desk.  Here they are in their new home. Not pictured are all the other action figures he's got hanging around.

Hopefully those reflections don't reveal any state secrets held in his office.
It's funny, I held onto these for a few days, and thought about keeping them, since they looked pretty cool, and the Steelers are a team I root for as well. Yet, I didn't notice the oddity on the packaging. On the left, the figurine labeled "Quarterback" is suspiciously in a Lineman position. Maybe it's some sort of trick play. The "Running Back" on the right looks correct. But that "Referee" in the middle seems a bit biased towards the Steelers. No matter though, the figurines are meant to come out of the box to play. That QB looks like he's up to something, I'd watch for the Flea-flicker.

In closing, thanks to Ross at SportsCardInfo for yet another cool contest. He has at least 1 each week, so go start following him if you're not yet.

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