Fantasy Hockey 2011-12

First off, Happy Easter everyone.

Secondly...I won!

I named my team after the seemingly endless string of minor league Ice[animal] teams out there, such as the IceCats, IceHogs, Ice Dogs, IceGators, IceHawks, IceBats, IceRays, and IceBears, not to mention the IceCaps, IceMen, IceFlyers, and Ice Pilots.

I'm especially proud that I beat 2 friends of mine that are huge hockey fans, who landed at 2nd and 3rd. I enjoy hockey but I don't know the ins and outs as well as I do for baseball, so this one took some work and some exploitation of some of our stranger stats (I led the league in penalty minutes!). To give you an idea how close the final really was, I went to bed about midnight St. Louis time, at which point I was up 7-6 over Lokomotiv. At that time, the LA-SJ game was still going on and had about 10 min left in regulation. One of our categories is game-winning goals, and we were tied on that one. So, if either of Lokomotiv's San Jose Sharks would have put in the only goal in that last 10 min or overtime, the score would have gone to 7-7 and he would have beaten me on the tiebreaker.

Now that hockey's over, I can pay a little more attention to my fantasy baseball league. I noticed Saturday I had left Chase Utley and Derrek Lee in my starting lineup in my keeper league, because I hadn't really looked at it since our draft.

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