eBay Wins #144

Today's cheap eBay lot is 1991 Donruss, the set that always confused me as a kid until I sorted my cards by number, and realized that the first half was blue-bordered, and the second half was green-bordered. I later learned was a series was.

1991 Donruss
#82 Mike Fitzgerald
#255 Kevin Mitchell
#408 Darryl Strawberry
I have no particular attachment to these three players, except in digital form. 2 out of 3 - Kevin Mitchell and Darryl Strawberry - are in R.B.I. Baseball, which is still one of my favorite baseball video games to play, followed by Triple Play '98 for Playstation. Like all of these lots, this one was a penny per card, bringing my rounded-to-three-decimal-places per-card average down another 0.001 cent.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3212
Total Spent$50.62
Per Card1.576 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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