A Trevor Rosenthal Autographed Baseball

Last Saturday, Trevor Rosenthal made an appearance at a local car dealership, and so did I.

I showed up 90 minutes early on advice of an employee of the dealership, and wound up about 15th in line. Based on the eventual length of the line, I could have perhaps pushed it until about 15 minutes early and still made it, but he was only signing for an hour and I didn't want to miss my shot like I did with David Eckstein. On the plus side, I got my autograph after about 5 minutes, gave Fredbird a high five, and went about my day.

Trevor Rosenthal
This makes 2 Cardinals closers of whom I now have autograph balls. Hopefully one day I can add a Dennis Eckersley, and then a Bruce Sutter for good measure.

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