eBay Wins #48

Here are 7 cards I won from what is likely one of the least desired sets out there, 1988 Donruss. It's a fine set, it just seems like there are many copies of each card always available.

1988 Donruss
#264 Randy Ready
#268 Rob Thompson
#271 Willie Upshaw
#272 Randy Bush
Fun fact: Rob Thompson's full name is Robert Randall Thompson, and Randy Bush's is Robert Randall Bush.

1988 Donruss
#274 Rob Deer
#396 Mike Young
#397 Mike Felder
The only connection with these two Mikes is that they're consecutive in the set and both appear skeptical of the photographer.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2033
Total Spent$38.74
Per Card1.906 cents

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