eBay Wins #142

Tonight's eBay lot is from 1990 Topps, which cost me 3 whole cents.

1990 Topps
#301 Don Aase
#312 Dan Quisenberry
#541 Pat Perry
When David Aardsma first reached the majors, I read that he became lexicographically first in the MLB record book, just ahead of Hank Aaron. I don't have that list handy, but I'd imagine Don Aase must be pretty close to 4th, after Aardsma and the Aaron brothers.

The other two guys fall somewhere in the middle of that list. Also, they both played for the Cardinals. I only recently posted my first Dan Quisenberry and Pat Perry cards, and now I've already got another card post featuring both of them. Both of them were on different teams on those 1988 cards, and they both were on different teams for 1990 than pictured here, Quisenberry with the Giants, and Perry with the Dodgers. Finally, 1990 was also the last season for each of them. It's not quite Kennedy-Lincoln, but that's an awful lot of coincidences, coinciding with the random cards I purchased on eBay.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3205
Total Spent$50.58
Per Card1.578 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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