eBay Wins #93

How about some sepia? These cards are from 1991 Homers Cookies, which may or may not be an actual brand of cookies. I've never heard of them, and all references to Homers (or Homer's) cookies online seem to be to these cards, but no cookies.

An eBay seller had a lot of 10 for each of these cards, each of which I won for 9 cents, for a total of 18 cents for 20 cards.

1991 Homers Cookies
#7 Roberto Clemente
1991 Homers Cookies
#9 Lou Gehrig
These appear to be unlicensed, since the logos are mostly obscured. I've added the 9 extra copies to my trade pile, so hopefully a few people either reading the blog or perusing my Zistle trade list will want a copy.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2510
Total Spent$43.93
Per Card1.75 cents

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