Almost the Easiest Superbowl Contest on the Web V

As the proud winner of Almost the Easiest Superbowl Contest on the Web IV, let me just say there's no reason you should go enter this year's contest at Collector's Crack, the Big Old 5. Last year I picked the winner, the loser, got the points tiebreaker within 1, and the number of turnovers exactly correct. I've already put in my completely accurate prediction for this year. But, on the off chance my psychic skills don't prevail this time around, you could go enter, I guess. I don't think this year's prizes have been announced yet, so here's part of what I won last year, to give you a flavor for what's at stake.

1996 Laser View - Inscriptions #8 Jim Everett #0248/3100
2006 SP Authentic - Rookie Authentics Signature #255 Tarvaris Jackson
2013 Panini Limited - Monikers Silver #187 Nick Kasa #051/299
Get your entry in before the first game on Saturday, and write a semi-sarcastic promotion post such as this one on your blog to gain a bonus shot at the door prize.

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