eBay Wins #234

These cards were actually purchased very recently, unlike some of the eBay cards I've had sitting in the to-post box for who knows how long. They came as an unopened pack to cover 7 separate "random 80s-90s card" auctions that I won for a penny each, all from the same seller.

1989 Topps Big
#4 Greg Walker
#23 Paul Runge
#56 Dave Valle
#57 Carney Lansford
#75 Jim Presley
#79 Jay Howell
#101 Dave Stewart
The closest thing to a Cardinal in this post is Carney Lansford, who was once a coach for the team.

My Zistle library claims these are my first 1989 Big cards, but I know I've got at least 15 from previous posts, which I just haven't put into my boxes of sorted cards yet, due to their size. I'm going to need some solution for that sooner rather than later, because I have several different large-size sets hanging around. I'm thinking I may just put a notecard sized "IOU" in the regular box in the position the cards should go, noting where the oddities are stored, sort of like when libraries have oversized items.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought4188
Total Spent$56.93
Per Card1.359 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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