July Card Show Autograph

I was supposed to get 3 autographs at the July Card show, but one player missed his plane, and the other rescheduled for an unpublicized reason. But Donovan Osborne showed up, and here's what I got.

Donovan Osborne
Of the three Cardinals scheduled that day, he was the longest-tenured, playing 7 seasons for St. Louis, so the crowd wasn't as disappointed as they might otherwise have been. Bill Madlock was also there signing, but he doesn't fit into my collection. I've shared this story on my blog before, but why not, I'll do it again, because it's my most vivid memory of Donovan Osborne. I was at a game with my dad when Donovan came to bat with the bases loaded. They put season stats up on the board at that time, and I saw he had 0 home runs that year. I figured he probably also had 0 for his career, which to that point was 3+ seasons, but I had no way of knowing that for sure. I told my dad he should hit a grand slam...and then he did. That turned out to be his only career home run, and made me awfully superstitious for awhile.


  1. I missed that show, but made it to the so called one on Saturday. Good turn out for the 3 auto guests, but the card show was terrible.

    1. I went to that one too, but had written this post before that point. Later I realized I should have put them all in one post. But yeah, that show was tiny and not worth the admission price.