eBay Wins

I'm not one to chase rare inserts and spend inordinate amounts of money on them.  So cards numbered to 50 with a relic and autographed are not in my typical eBay search.  I go for the cheap stuff that will be interesting or somehow special to me.

I found one seller who listed a ton of cards at 1 cent with free shipping.  I thought, "how could I lose?".  I noticed a Todd Stottlemyre and bid my penny, then started at the top with the intent to bid on most of them.  Apparently eBay has a mode to allow you to restrict how many items people buy from you in a 10 day period, and his limit was 1.  The only logic supporting that is that I believe feedback only counts once per user, so maybe he's trying to buy a good feedback rating.  No matter, I waited 7 days and won my auction, and shortly after, this showed up:

Another auction I won was for 4 random packs of baseball cards.  The winning bid was $0.92.  Now I assumed a fair amount of junk would be involved, but for under a buck I thought I'd take a shot.  It turned out ok, though it may wind up costing me more in supplies.  The haul:

1989 Topps Big 2nd Series
1989 Topps Big 3rd Series
1992 Topps Kids
1994 Topps Series I

Not a terribly impressing lot, and now I need some big pages or sleeves.  Here are the cards.

These are 2.75" by 3.75".  Are there any cheap options for storing these?  I usually use sleeves but I could be convinced to go with pages.

19 year old gum? Yeah, I'll probably still chew it.  Also, there's a steroid joke in here somewhere.

By 1994 Topps was inserting 1 topps gold card in each pack, and in this random pack it was none other than:
Todd Stottlemyre

I already have a 1994 factory set, so all but the Gold Stottlemyre are for trade.  Conversely, I didn't have ANY Topps Big and I had a single Topps Kids (Tony Gwynn), so those are all for trade as well.

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  1. Sweet 1990 Fleer Todd Stottlemyre - he was a decent pitcher for a while.