A Quadruple Contest Post

I've got 4 contests by other bloggers to promote all at once. I don't think I've ever had that many to do at once. Maybe you've entered some already, but just in case, keep reading.

First, it's Pull Tab Awareness Week. You can read about defgav's annual holiday here. It's a week each year we remind people to do 2 things when mailing cards in toploaders. First, don't use scotch tape, use blue painter's tape, because it leaves little to no residue. Second, fold the tip of the tape over itself a bit to make pull tab before you press it down, so people with short nails like me don't have to scrape at the edge of the tape to remove it. I've been doing this when sending cards in taped packages since last Pull Tab Awareness Week, and I'd love to see it catch on further.

Next up, Red Cardboard is back from a bit of a blogging hiatus and is holding a draft to get rid of some cards. They are mostly Reds, but there are a few other teams in there too. And since I collect Cardinals in other uniforms, I'll still be going for the Cincinnati-uniformed Dmitri Young and Mike Leake among others, if I get a spot in the draft.

Pack War is celebrating its 7th anniversary, or Blog-versary, with 7 prizes. So far only one has been been revealed, so you're likely in for a surprise.

Finally, there's a contest that didn't actually dole out any extra entries for promoting it, but while I'm here, why not? This one's for several 2016 Allen and Ginter prizes, whetting all of our appetites since the set isn't even out yet.

To recap, go enter all 4 of these by following these links:

Baseball Card Breakdown's Pull Tab Awareness Week
Red Cardboard's Cardboard Draft
Pack War's 7th Blog-versary
Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits' Ginter Contest

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