eBay Wins #233

Today's eBay lot is a small one out of the half cent box. I'm reasonably sure I have some more of these cards somewhere, possibly still at my parents' house. Lucky for me they haven't moved since I was a toddler. But the design of these cards is so familiar to me. There's a 1988 set that looks the same, but I only have one of those in my organized boxes, which came from another eBay post. I'm sure they'll show up one of these days, as I never purged any cards from my collection, even during my hiatus from collecting new cards.

1989 Pacific Legends II
#122 Dick Radatz
#212 Phil Niekro
2 cards at 1/2 cent each comes up to a whole penny. Rounding being what it is, my average didn't appear to drop, but it should be right on the cusp of another drop the next time I have a post costing under 1.36 cents per card.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought4181
Total Spent$56.86
Per Card1.36 cents
Change0 cents

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