eBay Wins #237

Today's eBay lot comes from perhaps my favorite 1989 design, Score. Sure, it's overly simple, and the borders are multicolored but not team colored, but it looks very clean. Anyway, I had 26 penny cards, with a few duplicates mixed in.

1989 Score
6 Fred McGriff
14 Johnny Ray
26 Gary Pettis
29 Curt Young
34 Glenn Hubbard (x2)
58 Tim Teufel
71 Mitch Webster
89 Mickey Brantley
No Cardinals in the first scan, but there is Hall-of-Fame-eligible Fred McGriff. His vote totals appear to be too low to reach 75% in the next two years, but my completely subjective feeling is that he ought to be in.

1989 Score
91 R.J. Reynolds
109 Eric Davis
136 Howard Johnson
144 Andres Galarraga
165 Walt Weiss
205 Don Baylor
230 Lou Whitaker
255 Juan Samuel
Now we've got some Cardinals: Eric Davis and Andres Galarraga, as well as our former hitting coach Don Baylor. We lost both Baylor and Galarraga to the Rockies in 1993, making them my least favorite team for a short while, until I accepted the realities of players and coaches changing teams.

1989 Score
308 Bob Welch
323 Devon White
459 Doug Jennings (x2)
465 Todd Burns
537 Mike Gallego
610 Buddy Bell
614 Al Pedrique
624 Mike Harkey
Mike Gallego and Todd Burns, yes, that Todd Burns, were both Cardinals. And there's another card for my eventual RBI Baseball collection, Al Pedrique,

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought4220
Total Spent$57.22
Per Card1.356 cents
Change-0.002 cents

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