Catching up on Contests

A while back I won a contest at Play at the Plate.  The prize was a rack pack of 2011 Lineage.  Let's get ripping!

There are 14 cards in the pack. First, the 12 base cards.

I like the mix of current stars and Hall of Famers. Topps did a nice job taking old and new photos and making them fit into the same look.  I haven't seen enough cards to know exactly what they're doing with the logos in the corner, but it looks like they went with era-appropriate logos, as I see 2 different Yankees logos, and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The Cabrera is perforated, but I can never bring myself to break the perforations and stand up the card as designed.  Maybe if it was a Cardinal and I knew I wanted to keep it, but who knows, he may go out in a trade some day.

I'm assuming the Aaron is a Platinum Parallel, as it doesn't look like the Topps flagship Diamond Parallels.  If anyone thinks it's a different parallel (the small print on the packs is so hard to read) let me know in the comments.

All in all, there were no big hits in the pack, but it was cool to win a contest and get a taste of a set I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise.  I think I may try to complete the full set, especially since it's only 200 cards.  

Thanks again to Play at the Plate!

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