eBay Wins #3

I'll call it the Semi-premium edition, because there's a Gypsy Queen base and insert, and a flagship insert

6 cents for the former Cardinal.  In college I was at a game where he completely dominated as a pitcher, and later I was at his first big league game as an outfielder.  I wish we still had him.  Also, a Gypsy Queen set wouldn't be too bad if I could get all of the base for $0.06 each.

11 cents.  We're spending big now.  I remember the day I read he was being called up to the majors and tried to add him to my fantasy team immediately.  A team with a better waiver priority got him, though.

16 cents.  While it's still a good deal, it kind of pales against the other cards.  I think I let my pride get me here a little bit, and I was on a roll from the last two, so I kept bidding.  I have no special stories about him, in fact, he's one of the guys who kind of blends into the background for me.  I'm well aware of the name, but I bet I couldn't have named his team before today.

So, in all, 33 cents for 3 cards, shipped from 2 sellers.  I sometimes feel ambivalent about sellers paying more for shipping than I paid for the cards.  Hopefully they're making it up on the bigger cards.

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  1. Tenets 'o Wilson -

    Great blog, enjoy reading! I dig the clean energy solution diagram, too.

    I was referred to you by TooManyGrandersons and was wondering if you might be interested in a trade?

    I have a TON of 2011 Topps base for you and some Heritage, too. I am chasing the Heritage set myself and trying to complete my 2010 Topps Update.....

    I couldn' find your email so feel free to drop me a line at:


    Take care,