Another Trade with Too Many Grandersons

It's taken me just under a year since my re-entry to baseball card collecting, but I've completed my first set, thanks to the second 2010 Topps Update trade with Too Many Grandersons.  The missing card was of last night's hero, Evan Longoria.

Since I really owed Dennis from our last trade, when I saw he posted his second 2010 Update box break, I immediately stepped in to fill out set #2 for him. He insisted upon sending me something though, which was the final card I needed above, and these guys, all also pseudo-involved in big games last night:
1-3 with a walk, and no reason to be playing really.

On the Yankees now, but did not play

On the Red Sox now, also did not play

I'm sure others have noticed this, but when I got around to sorting my 2010 Update, I noticed the foil printing around the player names was misaligned on a large number of them.  These 3 replace 3 cards for which I didn't quite have the "perfect" cards.

A big thanks to Dennis for the completed set!

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