Zistle Trade #19

With today's trade I've filled in 7 more Cardinals cards in my collection, even though only one is actually pictured in uniform. I think I added the Fleer cards to my want list recently, possibly when I got the last of the uniformed Cardinals I needed in another trade. I should really just put the full sets from junk wax years on my list to make things easier, and pick and choose from the more rare sets.

1990 Donruss #697 Mark McGwire
1990 Fleer
#7 Mike Gallego
#67 Ken Oberkfell
#77 Pat Borders
#84 Tom Henke
#207 Gregg Jefferies
1993 Studio #90 Gregg Jefferies
The Donruss card is the error version of Mark McGwire's All-Star card. As you may know, some of them were put out with a subtle error, where the stats on the back are for All-Star games, but the stats header says "Recent Major League Performance". Corrected versions were issued, and I have so many cards from the set, I decided I'd try to complete a full base set, with all versions of the error cards included.

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