eBay Wins #193

Today's eBay lot involved one card I ordered, and two sent along as either a bonus or insurance against dinging the purchased card.

1992 Topps #139 Jeff Innis
1992 Topps #143 Paul Gibson
1996 Topps #167 Toby Wright
I've only got a few Rams cards in my collection, but I figured for a penny I'd go ahead and bid on this Toby Wright card that was mistakenly put into the "Baseball Cards" section of eBay.

I'm surprised the seller bothered with the Jeff Innis and Paul Gibson packing material cards given the price, but I'm happy to have them. They're even in good shape, unlike some dinged, bent, and creased late 80s cards I've seen used for that purpose. A full 1992 Topps factory set was one of the first big purchases I ever made when I started collecting, so these two will wind up in my duplicates list for trade.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3368
Total Spent$52.16
Per Card1.549 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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