Pick a Number at Nachos Grande

Once again, my post for the day is a contest promotion. I'll be back to showing actual cards one of these days.

Today's contest is at Nachos Grande. He's about to do another of his usually-interesting Theme Weeks, and this week will be PWEs. That's Plain White Envelopes if you're not in the know. Anyway, this one's a bit of a math puzzle, where the winner will be whoever can guess the sum of the 7 Zip Codes from PWE week, without going over. He's even provided the 35 digits, so you can go into some deep analysis and try to figure out what zip codes are most likely to house baseball card bloggers. Or you can take a shot in the dark.

Go enter your guess before 6pm Eastern Time Monday, and all week you can obsess over who's winning as the zip codes are revealed.

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