eBay Wins #116

Today I've got 9 1982 Fleer cards to show off. The corners are a little fuzzy, and what gloss was on the card is a little dulled, but I've learned I can't be too picky on condition on 30-year-old cards, especially those I get for a penny.

1982 Fleer
#58 Bruce Berenyi
#117 Jim Kaat
#172 Scott McGregor
#225 Craig Reynolds
#230 Joe Sambito
#425 John Wathan
#465 Butch Hobson
#558 Hosken Powell
#567 Juan Bonilla
There was just one Cardinal in the bunch, one of the longest-tenured pitchers ever, Jim Kaat.

Since this is my blog, I set the rules around here, and I've decided to change one. In the past I've generally shown my eBay lots as they arrived, resulting in some individual card postings, or sometimes a few that arrived the same day being shown together, and sometimes lots of 50 cards in a post. I wound up with quite a backlog of cards to show, with many different sets all intermixed in each lot. They were all a penny per card, so, under the principle of fungibility, I finally broke down and broke the lots apart, sorting the cards by set.

My plan is to go through the piles one (or maybe more for small piles) set at a time for efficiency's sake, until my eBay posting backlog is back to a manageable size. An advantage of this, too, is that I've been avoiding entering some semi-old cards in my want list, because I knew I had some cards from the early 1980s to present in my "to blog" pile, but I didn't really know which ones. Now I can peruse the 1982 Fleer list and add all of the Cardinals to my want list, for example, and continue to do so with other sets as I organize them.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2846
Total Spent$46.99
Per Card1.651 cents

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