eBay Wins #118

Today's pseudo-lot contains 17 cards from 1984 Fleer.

1984 Fleer
#23 Tim Stoddard
#52 Floyd Bannister
#66 Dennis Lamp
#71 Mike Squires
#81 John Grubb
#114 Derrel Thomas
#178 Terry Forster
#195 Mark Brouhard
#223 Bill Dawley
In this bunch, only Bill Dawley played for the Cardinals, in 1987. But he didn't make the postseason roster after struggling during the season.

1984 Fleer
#257 Jim Morrison
#279 Bryan Little
#373 Atlee Hammaker
#379 Jeff Leonard
#457 Mike Norris
#541 Mike Fischlin
#555 George Vukovich
#557 Tom Brunansky

In the top row we have Jim Morrison, which is probably not the deceased singer, but you never really know for sure. Fun Fact: an anagram of Jim Morrison is Mr. Mojo Risin, which the singer sometimes used as a pseudonym and was in the lyrics of L.A. Woman. There's also Mr. One Flap Down himself, Jeffrey Leonard, who I guess went by Jeff at that time.

I'm surprised I haven't had any Tom Brunansky cards on my blog yet. He was a Cardinal from mid-1988 to mid-1990, and was involved in 2 somewhat big trades. His arrival was in exchange for sending Tom Herr to the Twins, and he left when the Cardinals acquired Lee Smith from the Red Sox.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2874
Total Spent$47.27
Per Card1.645 cents

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