eBay Wins #117

Today I've got another pseudo-lot from eBay, consisting of 1982-83 cards. As with all of these lots, they were a penny per card.

1982 Topps #412 Dan Meyer
I don't really know much about Dan Meyer, but I do love that old triton Mariners logo.

1983 Donruss #512 Mike Torrez
Mike Torrez was a Cardinal at the beginning of his career, something the 1978-1982 stats on the back didn't reveal to me. He played here until mid-1971 before being traded to the Expos.

1983 Fleer
#1 Joaquin Andujar
#11 Jim Kaat
#64 Dennis Martinez
#265 Gary Lavelle
#310 Larry McWilliams
#408 Ed Glynn
#418 Lary Sorensen
#517 Wayne Gross
#569 Dave Hostetler
I always forget how long and how late in his life Dennis Martinez pitched until I see old pictures of him like this 1983 card. 23 seasons is just amazing. Other than the uniformed Joaquin Andujar and Jim Kaat, other Cardinals in this bunch include Larry McWilliams and Lary Sorensen, for a season each.

On another note, my per card average dropped below 1.65 cents with these 11 penny cards. I'm not really sure what number I'm trying for, but stats are interesting to me.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2857
Total Spent$47.10
Per Card1.649 cents

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