2013 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Pack #1

I've decided to jump right into my Series 2 Jumbo box, and show another 10 packs of year-old Topps. I got in ahead a little ahead of the 2014 Series 2 release. Now I just need to finish this one before Update hits the shelves.

2013 Topps
#527 Carlos Beltran
Gold Parallel #588 Jordan Zimmerman #1002/2013
Making Their Mark #MM-12 Zack Cozart
The Elite #TE-5 Sandy Koufax
World Baseball Classic #WBC-2 Anthony Rizzo
1972 Topps Mini #TM-78 R.A. Dickey
The first pack only had one Cardinal in it; the Carlos Beltran base card. The Gold Parallels and Minis are the same as Series 1, and "The Elite" is just about the same as "The Greats", but more greater? And still thick enough to make you think you've got a relic on your hands. And, maybe I'm a sucker for a good marketing ploy, but I like the World Baseball Classic. But, looking over the set checklist, I think Anthony Rizzo is probably the lowest on the totem pole among the 15 stars featured, and that's not just my anti-Cubs bias.

2013 Topps
Chasing History #CH-55 Ken Griffey, Jr.
Chasing the Dream #CD-3 Ryan Zimmerman
Emerald Parallel #523 Wandy Rodriguez
Ken Griffey always reminds me of all the Wheaties and Frosted Wheaties boxes I had saved from the late 90s. Sadly, at one point I felt bad taking up the bottom of my parents utility closet with my boxes full of cereal boxes, and recycled them.

Unlike Series 1, I began this journey fresh, owning no cards from Series 2. That does, however, mean all 37 base cards contributed to set completion, keeping me ahead of the 10% per pack pace.

Series 2 Completion: 37/330 (11.2%)

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