eBay Wins #114

For today's eBay penny cards, we'll go allll the way back to 1989, the year Pete Rose was banned, Kevin Siegrist was born, and Donruss released an All-Star set which could be mistaken for the regular set from the front.

1989 Donruss All-Stars
#58 Bob Walk
Here's one of the All-Star cards I got.

1989 Donruss
#236 Glenn Davis
#346 Mickey Hatcher
#438 Doug Jones
#515 Bruce Ruffin
#553 Ron Oester
#631 Marvin Freeman
And here are some base cards from the regular set. While the All-Stars cards have side panels that are blue instead of black, I still didn't realize what I had until I flipped them all over on the scanner.

I now have 189 cards from the 1989 set, so who knows, maybe I'll try to complete it one of these days. I don't think it'd cost me too much.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2828
Total Spent$46.81
Per Card1.655 cents

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