Zistle Trade #7

1990 Kmart
#5 Tony Gwynn
#6 Kevin Mitchell
#16 Glenn Davis
#22 Kirby Pucket
1993 Topps - ToppsGold
#176 Darren Lewis
#204 Dan Pasqua
#238 Chris Daniels
#249 Tim Burke
For some reason, we've got Glenn Davis, career Astros player as of 1990, listed as DH/PH. Maybe you young kids don't remember, but way back before 2013, the Astros were a National League team. And before Interleague play was introduced as a novelty in 1997, NL teams didn't play in AL parks. As far as I can tell, he was never a DH in a real MLB game (maybe some spring training or minor league games) until 1991 with Baltimore.

I have many copies (more than 10 in some cases) of a few 1992 Bowman Cardinals cards. A fellow Cardinal fan, in fact, one who doesn't live that far from me, proposed 1 of each of them for these 8 cards from my want list. I think this era of cards makes me happiest, because it's when I first started watching baseball. Also, the 1992 and 1993 ToppsGold sets are on my long-term collecting goals list. So all in all, this was a great trade.

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