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Contests are great ways to get new followers to your blog, by bribing entrants to promote it for extra entries. Here are few such contests going on right now.

Dutch Card Guy is giving away quite a few cards, for comments, adding him to your blogroll, and of course, promoting the contest.

Daniel Wilson (no relation, I think) of It's like having my own Card Shop wants to help another blogger reach his 2014 goal of 100 followers, so follow Pack War and let him know for an entry. And, of course, promote it for a bonus entry. He's even opened it up for a second promotion if you're so inclined.

Finally, Chavez Ravining isn't offering a bonus for promotion, so this one's just to alert you of a relatively new blogger out there who has a nice giveaway every week. You can even get bonus entries through Twitter.

Good luck to you, but better luck to me.

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