eBay Wins #12

A random lot of Arizona Diamondbacks? For 12 cents, why not?

1999 Skybox Premium #108 Andy Benes

2000 Bowman #274 Jack Cust

2000 Bowman #306 Jackie Rexrode

2000 Fleer Focus #150 Erubiel Durazo

2000 Fleer Focus #88 Tony Womack

2000 Fleer Focus #27 Steve Finley

2000 Pacific Omega #10 Matt Williams

2000 Pacific Omega #6 Jay Bell

2001 Fleer Futures #183 Alex Cabrera
I miss the old Purple and Teal Diamondbacks. I actually bought a hat in 1998 or so when they first came into being which is white with a purple bill. It's ugly as sin (see it here), so it's not surprising that look didn't last long.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought926
Total Spent$9.61
Per Card1.04 cents

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