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Not more 1987 Fleer?!

Not exactly; this is Fleer Update. This lot of 3 includes two guys who only had single-season careers, Ken Dowell and Jim Paciorek. Wally Ritchie stayed with the Phillies for several years.

1987 Fleer Update
#U-27 Ken Dowell
#U-95 Jim Paciorek
#U-104 Wally Ritchie
Update, Traded, or Extended sets always seem to be more rare than the flagship counterparts. In the past some of them were only sold as boxed sets, but other than that, I can't really explain it. When I want to complete a year of Topps these days, I like to get Series 1, Series 2, and what is basically Series 3, even though they call it update. I suppose the smaller sets of the past may have depressed pack sales a bit too. It's funny how that lack of interest in the past leads to increased interest in the present, due to relative scarcity.

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