eBay Wins #212

Today I add another new set to my collection, and it's another set that was originally sold as a boxed set. 1987 Fleer Baseball's Game Winners is a 44-card set. It's available on eBay right now as low as $5 shipped

1987 Fleer Baseball's Game Winners #44 Curt Young
Curt Young has no connection to the Cardinals, so I had to dig a little deeper for an interesting fact. He played exclusively in the American League, from 1983-1991 and 1993 with Oakland, and split 1992 between Kansas City and New York. All of his career was before interleague play, so he never had to come to bat. Except, he did once, on April 17, 1987. I don't know exactly why it happened, but the A's started catcher Terry Steinbach at DH, and Mickey Tettleton started at catcher that day. For some reason - I'd assume an injury to Tettleton - in the bottom of the 5th, Tony La Russa switched Steinbach to catcher, losing the DH and making Curt Young bat 8th. He was even doing the pitchers-bat-8th thing back in 1987! Anyway, Young got through the 5th and 6th, and came to bat with one out in the top of the 7th. Impressively for his first and only plate appearance, he made contact and was putout 6-3. Young went on to pitch the 7th and to one batter in the 8th, so I guess La Russa wanted to get another inning out of him.

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