Pack Stash, 2012 Triple Play Edition

Today I reach into my box of unopened cards which is currently gaining packs faster that it is losing them, to try to reverse that trend. Inside I found a pack of 2012 Panini Triple Play. I don't think I've opened any of this product before, nor do I have any of the singles in my collection. So, this pack will be my first impression, and probably determine if I attempt to track down any more of it.

2012 Panini Triple Play
#18 Paul Konerko
#86 Jose Bautista
#180 Orlando Hudson Puzzle 9 of 9
#228 Jose Bautista Puzzle 3 of 9
#266 Diamond
#60 Yoenis Cespedes
Stickers #14 Albert Pujols
I like to be pretty organized, so my first thought upon reviewing the cards in this pack was that I was surprised that all but one of these are base cards. At the very least, those two Jose Bautista cards scream "parallel". But, the second one is part of the puzzle-back (or is it puzzle-front?) cards that are part of the base set. The Baseball 101 card is another subset, rather than an insert set, which looks a little out of place. The subsets are in continuous runs, and are treated like inserts on the packaging, but due to the numbering, I'm going to have to call them all base cards.

The only non-base card is the Albert Pujols sticker, which doesn't say "Albert Pujols" anywhere on it. It clearly looks like him, and every online checklist lists it as Pujols, but the other stickers in the set say things like Home Run, Beanball, and - I'm not kidding - Manager Arguing. Later in the set there are headshots with actual names on the cards.

For me, because of the Matt Holliday and Albert Pujols puzzles, this might be a set I'd be interested in collecting. But, if none of the 12 were current or former Cardinals, I think I might tire of the puzzle repetition. I might pick up a few more packs and see if I then feel like completing the 90-card "base" set, the whole set 1-300, or just putting them up for trade.

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