eBay Wins #160

Today's eBay win is one lonely penny card from 1993 Upper Deck. I've got a pile with a bunch of cards with only 1 or 2 from any given set in my eBay pile, so maybe I'll start combining more than one set at a time soon.

1993 Upper Deck #724 Greg W. Harris
There were two Greg Harris's in baseball, and both were playing in 1993. Greg W. played for the Padres, and Greg A. played for the Red Sox. Both of them finished playing after 1995, though Greg W. is over 8 years younger. I can sympathize with these guys, as my high school class of only about 150 people had another person who shared my first and last name. Worse still, our middle initials rhymed, so when one of us was called over the ancient fuzzy PA system to come to the office, we'd both have to go and sort out which one was needed when we got there. Thanks to that experience, I picked up a habit of putting my middle initial on everything, which I still do to this day

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Total Cards Bought3261
Total Spent$51.11
Per Card1.567 cents
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