A Sports Card Info Soccer Win

If you've been following card blogs for long, you probably already know about the weekly contests at Sports Card Info. If not, start following along and take a shot a winning a relic or autograph pretty much every week. This time the prize was a nice MLS Relic.

2015 Topps MLS - Kits of the Game #KIT-DP Dillon Powers
It's hard to discern the texture in the scan, but I'd say this is probably from one of the 3 Adidas stripes, either on the shoulders or shorts. Dillon was the Rookie of the Year for 2013, so in my opinion, that's a pretty nice prize.

With no MLS team in St. Louis, I don't follow the league closely, though I do enjoy watching the games when I can catch them, especially every 4 years when my soccer interest is renewed by the World Cup. My Soccer collection has now pulled ahead of my Hockey collection for the percentage of it that is made up of hits. That percentage is 100%, with this as my first soccer card I'm aware of.

Anyway, thanks again to the very generous Sports Card Info for the many contests, especially those I win.

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