Pack Stash, 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Edition

Just for fun, let's go back to the pack stash. I currently have two cards from this set, which consists of over 4000 base cards, so the odds are I will at least not get any duplicates.

2008 Upper Deck Documentary
#1257 CHC47 May 21st
#1493 WAS43 May 16th
#1454 STL44 May 16th
#1572 CIN52 May 27th
#1883 CLE63 June 8th
#2560 MIL90 July 8th
#2570 MIN90 July 8th
#2599 OAK89 July 7th
#2830 HOU100 July 22nd
That Chris Duncan card is exactly the same image as the only other base card I have from this set, #854, which I showed in this post. A checklist review reveals that's pretty common for this set, but I have to ask, was Chris Duncan really one of the top guys on the team in 2007/2008, worthy of appearing on multiple cards in a set?

2008 Upper Deck Documentary
#3813 LAA130 August 25th
#3816 AZD130 August 24th
#3819 ATL130 August 23rd
#3822 BAL130 August 24th
#3854 LAD129 August 23rd
All Star Game #ASG-DW David Wright
I could see tracking down all 162 of the Cardinals cards from this set, or even theirs along with the opponents for the given games, for a total of 324, but finding 4000+ cards seems more like a part time job than a hobby. Still, it'd make a heck of a bindered or boxed set.

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