eBay Wins #152

Today I've got 4 1992 Leaf cards. They're definitely commons, and 2 are actually duplicates of cards I already had, but for a penny each, I'll take them. I now have 57 of the 528 base cards in the set.

1992 Leaf
#4 Dave Howard
#20 Steve Farr
#27 Kelly Gruber
#33 Kevin Gross
According to baseball-reference, Dave Howard played for the Cardinals in 1998-1999. I thought I was following the team pretty closely at that time, and he played in 98 games over those 2 years, but I really don't remember him. In 1999, he even played all defensive positions except pitcher and catcher, a fact I'm sure would have caused me to take note. Yet still, no memory on my part. But now, much like the result from the time I misspelled "occupy" in the 4th grade spelling bee, I'll never again forget that fact about Dave Howard.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3247
Total Spent$50.97
Per Card1.57 cents
Change0 cents

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