eBay Wins #85

I feel like I spun a randomizer to get these 6 cards, but they all came from one seller, for 6 whole cents.

2001 Stadium Club #22 Jeromy Burnitz
2003 Bowman #263 Derek Michaelis
2008 Bowman - Prospects #BP11 Jeff Kindel
I remember Jeromy Burnitz as one of the most-feared hitters when Milwaukee came to the NL Central, managing 132 HR over 1998-2001. Of course the other two guys never saw the majors, as happens with many Bowman prospect gambles.

1995 Topps D3 #46 Dean Palmer
I've got one more of these D3 cards, an Ozzie Smith. They don't actually show motion like similar cards from the past, but purely create a 3D effect with multiple images, which of course doesn't come through at all in a scan.

1987 Topps
#682 Jerry Reuss
#775 Joaquin Andujar
Jerry Reuss looks like an old guy on this card, but he's only 38. He started with the Cardinals for the first 3 years of his career. Technically he played in parts of 4 decades, with 1 game in 1969, plenty in the 70s and 80s, and 4 (1 start) in 1990. Joaquin Andujar went 2-0 in the 1982 World Series with the Cardinals, but 0-1 in 1985.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2446
Total Spent$43.31
Per Card1.771 cents

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