eBay Wins #55

Maybe I should just start calling these Penny Stocks or something. Although if a 1994 Fleer Ultra card isn't demanding more than a penny 19 years later, I don't think it's going much higher, unless I can corner the market like the guys in Trading Places.  Today you get 2 scans, because I couldn't tell the front from the back until I realized that I'm an idiot and the lower numbers are clearly the front. That's ok though, because pictured faintly in the background is former Cardinal Andy Van Slyke.

1994 Fleer Ultra #598 Checklist 402-498 Andy Van Slyke

1994 Fleer Ultra #598 Checklist 402-498 Andy Van Slyke
My per-card average keeps creeping downward with every penny card I buy. I don't normally bid on the checklists I see, but I did this time because this one featured a former Cardinal. Also, this card lets me see that I obviously need to add another card to my Todd Stottlemyre wantlist, #440.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2077
Total Spent$39.24
Per Card1.889 cents

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