2012 Opening Day Rack Pack #10

Why do I put so much effort into this set? Maybe it's the bunting in the Opening Day logo.

2012 Topps Opening Day #206 David Freese
Another pack, another Cardinal. This time it's another copy of World Series MVP David Freese.

2012 Opening Day - Macsots #M-9 Rangers Captain
I thought I had this card already, but some deep investigation (i.e., using Blogger's search feature) has revealed that I was thinking of the 2011 Opening day card of Rangers Captain I received in a trade last year.

2012 Opening Day - Fantasy Sqaud #FS-14 Brian McCann
Catchers should always be shown in gear. I approve of this card.

2012 Opening Day - Opening Day Edition #148 Shin-Soo Choo #0074/2012
As much as I wish teams would stick to one home and one road uniform, and maybe even just 1 hat, I like alternates and throwbacks on cards. I feel so conflicted.

Never mix acids with these bases:
15 Jeremy Hellickson
17 Pedro Alvarez
18 David Ortiz
26 Drew Stubbs
27 Chase Utley
34 James McDonald
58 Justin Masterson
90 Derek Jeter
98 Ben Zobrist
102 Jesus Montero
120 Matt Garza
121 Mark Teixeira
122 Neftali Feliz
123 Ryan Roberts
151 Johnny Cueto
161 Hunter Pence
179 Zack Greinke
180 Ted Lilly
188 Paul Goldschmidt
206 David Freese
212 Daniel Hudson

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