2012 Opening Day Rack Pack #6

There were no Cardinals, not even former Cardinals, in pack #6. In protest, this post has no base cards.

2012 Opening Day - Opening Day Stars #ODS-8 Jose Bautista
Joey Bats' bat really pops on this 3D card, something that obviously can't come through in the scan. Oooh, I wonder when we're getting mass-market scanners capable of making 3D images.

2012 Opening Day - Superstar Celebrations #SC-17 Adam Jones
The back of this card is almost sad. This celebration was when the Orioles broke a 21 game losing streak, against the Royals. I've given the Orioles trouble for a long time in good fun because one of my best friends is part Orioles' fan, but I was truly glad to see them make their way into the playoffs for 2012.

2012 Opening Day - Elite Skills #ES-10 R.A. Dickey
I'm alright with this guy leaving the National League. He totally befuddled hitters last year.

I guess I can at least list the base and still maintain my protest.
9 Chris Young
30 Shane Victorino
35 Brennan Boesch
45 Mark Melancon
66 Adam Jones
75 Justin Upton
88 John Axford
98 Ben Zobrist
104 Alexi Ogando
123 Ryan Roberts
142 Tommy Hanson
143 Craig Kimbrel
146 Ian Desmond
147 Corey Hart
149 Adrian Gonzalez
161 Hunter Pence
162 Ricky Romero
179 Zack Greinke
181 Clayton Kershaw
202 Starlin Castro
217 Ryan Zimmerman

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