2012 Opening Day Rack Pack #11

11 packs at 24 cards each is 264 cards. Each one had 3 inserts, so that's 231 base cards and 33 inserts. That's enough for a full set in theory, of course I've got more than 11 duplicates, so I'll need to update my wantlist soon.
2012 Opening Day #128 Lance Berkman
I pulled yet another Berkman, which now means I've got 3 if anyone needs one.
2012 Opening Day - Opening Day Stars #ODS-4 Adrian Gonzalez
This card doesn't pop quite like the others, except for Mr. Gonzalez's knee. Nothing more exciting than a knee, am I right?
2012 Opening Day - Elite Skills #ES-5 James Shields
I've heard the old fake-to-third, throw-to-first, do-the-hokey-pokey move will be disallowed this year. My guess is that it has no discernible impact on stolen bases.

2012 Opening Day - Superstar Celebrations #SC-11 Jacoby Ellsbury
It's funny how many of these cards mention the futility of the players on the back. Apparently Ellsbury was 0 for 4 on the day until this play.

Here's my final (maybe, who knows) set of base cards.
10 Jose Valverde
12 Jason Heyward
14 Buster Posey
24 Brandon Morrow
32 Anibal Sanchez
47 Nick Swisher
50 Ichiro
53 Alex Rodriguez
75 Justin Upton
79 Hanley Ramirez
89 Drew Pomeranz
106 Josh Johnson
128 Lance Berkman
136 Justin Morneau
150 Jose Bautista
158 Mark Trumbo
189 Mariano Rivera
201 Jose Reyes
214 Alex Avila
217 Ryan Zimmerman
219 Brandon Phillips

Speaking of duplicates, there were 15 between this pack and pack #9, including the Berkman above. Given that these are cut from identical sheets and packed by machine, I'm sure packs are not truly random collections of cards. My guess is that maybe stacks of 3 always come together, and I happened to land 5 of the same stacks, as the Berkman packs all 3 also contained Ichiro and Nick Swisher. That could be total bunk, though, and these packs just randomly lined up closely.

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