2012 Opening Day Rack Pack #8

Yet another Opening Day rack pack. How many could there be? I'll give you a hint: at least enough to try to build the 220 card base set through 1 for 1 trading.

2012 Opening Day #78 Matt Holliday
I liked these late 80s/early 90s throwbacks, so this is a great card. Plus it has both Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman.
2012 Opening Day #128 Lance Berkman
Speaking of Berkman, here's his base card. That's a World Series patch on his hat, for anyone who likes playing Name the Game.

2012 Opening Day #200 Albert Pujols
And here's another 2011 World Series winner, although airbrushed into his new duds for 2012.

2012 Opening Day - Superstar Celebrations #SC-10 J.J. Putz
Funny story, I'm related to a guy named J.J., who is also kind of a putz.

2012 Opening Day - Opening Day Stars #ODS-2 Albert Pujols
Another Albert, in the same post-swing pose.

2012 Opening Day - Elite Skills #ES-3 Prince Fielder
If we had to lose Albert, I"m sure glad Prince Fielder left the NL Central division as well.

I already showed you a quarter of the 24-card pack, but here are the base cards anyway.
1 Ryan Braun
14 Buster Posey
38 Brett Myers
47 Nick Swisher
50 Ichiro
53 Alex Rodriguez
57 Adam Lind
78 Matt Holliday
100 Matt Kemp
118 Miguel Montero
128 Lance Berkman
163 Heath Bell
166 Peter Bourjos
175 Jason Bay
185 Jeff Niemann
186 Martin Prado
190 Stephen Strasburg
199 Felix Hernandez
200 Albert Pujols
204 Cory Luebke
205 Chad Billingsley

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