eBay Wins #29

I haven't dug through my unorganized cards enough to find any more of these, but I bet I have at least a half-dozen Denny's cards from each year they offered them. Either I was really good at convincing my parents to change their dining habits, or my dad secretly really liked Denny's and went along with it, because I think we probably went their every Sunday morning for the duration of the card promotions.

I had been bidding on several of these unopened packs, but the prices kept getting too high and felt like too much for 1 single card. I landed this one for 15 cents, and ripped it open right away.

1995 Denny's Pack

1995 Denny's #14 Greg Maddux
Well, it's not Ozzie, but a surefire Hall of Famer will do. Based on reading online it looks like there were 28 cards in the set, 1 from each team.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought1898
Total Spent$36.55
Per Card1.926 cents

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