Zistle Trade #25

This was a small trade on Zistle where I think I got the better end of the deal objectively. But, the trader was a team collector of another team and needed some 1994s I had to spare, so I got these 1981s in return.

1981 Topps
#152 John Urrea
#348 Bob Sykes
#635 Bobby Bonds
I must admit I don't really know much about John Urrea or Bob Sykes; they were on my wantlist because they are Cardinals. And I even forget Bobby Bonds was a Cardinal every time until I'm reminded by seeing a card of his. A lot of that is because these cards are a bit older than I am.

I now have 5 Cardinals from this set, but there's still 21 more to go. That's probably a team set I won't ever finish without purchasing the cards individually, but they'll stay on my wantlist just in case someone offers another trade like this one.

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