eBay Wins #176

I've had a lot of one card eBay posts, so today, we're doubling up, with two penny cards from 2003 Topps.

2003 Topps
#25 Nick Neugebauer
#246 Jose Valentin
I like to consider this a "Final Tribute" card for Nick Neugebauer. After all, he last played in MLB in 2002. He first played in 2001, and was only 22 when he last played, so Topps could be forgiven for thinking he'd be back at some point. On the other side we have Jose Valentin, who didn't even hit the majors (also with Milwaukee) until his age-23 season, but played for 16 seasons. It's gotta be the mustache.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3286
Total Spent$51.36
Per Card1.563 cents
Change0 cents

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