2013 Triple Play #2 from the Pack Stash

2013 Panini Triple Play
#44 Giancarlo Stanton
#83 Adrian Beltre
#84 Brett Lawrie
#85 Jose Bautista
#88 Gio Gonzalez
Red Bordered Stickers #1 Freddie Freeman
Eye Blacks #3 Josh Hamilton
After 2 packs, I'm still without a Cardinal. I haven't really combed the checklist to see how many I should expect, but among the 90 base cards I believe there are 6, counting current and former members of the team. I'm still liking the cards though, other than the awkward scans that result from the mix of horizontal and vertical cards. Maybe I should have bitten off a bigger chunk of the pack stash and put a few packs into a single post.

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